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March 2015

    Qué comer en Almería

    If you are a lover of good cuisine and in particular those small bite size savouries you can eat between beers, Almeria is a destination not to be missed. Throughout the province there is a great tradition of delicious snacks, which include many types of products, from seafood to meat dishes or those especially for vegetarians.

    In the centre of the city of Almeria there are various routes, which include bars who offer free snacks with your drink. The most abundant are those to be found in small bars and taverns, while in the centre the tendency is more creative, sophisticated and visual rather than large quantities. In both cases the quality of the product and elaboration are excellent.

    The most typical tapas to eat in Almeria are the house specialities, a popular dish is toast with vegetable ratatouille with a touch of spice and another of the classic dishes is “white garlic” which is a cream of almonds, which can be served in a glass or in a soup plate on a bed of toast. For your introduction to the world of “tapas” it is essential that you try “cheriganes” which consists of toasted bread with all different types of accompaniments.

    In order to eat something more substantial and seated at a table, you can always ask for kebabs, grilled loin of pork, fresh fish on the barbecue, pigs’ trotters in sauce, tripe, snails, baby squid or cuttlefish……. Also other exquisite dishes are “migas” made with a base of breadcrumbs, a speciality that can be found in the villages in the interior, the fried fish of the coastal areas, stewed gurullos, a special porridge and meat with garlic sauce.

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