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July 2015

    COMASTOCK Kids Festival Protur Hotels

    COMASTOCK Kids Festival

    In August it’s the anniversary of the mythical WOODSTOCK MUSIC & ART FESTIVAL – 1969.
    It revolutionised not just music but the way we understood life.
    This is our modest and witty tribute to all that it symbolised and whose values are so important:

    This coming August 14th COMASTOCK Kids Festival at the CLUB PROTUR SA COMA RESORT
    Details of the calendar of activities & full COMASTOCK festival programme coming soon.

    19:30h The fun begins
    19:45h Releasing of the Make-a Wish balloons
    20:00 till 21:00h Macro Mini Disco
    21:00 till 21:30h Guinness Record ‘Give Mrs Proty a cuddle’
    21:30 till 22:30h “Cirque merveille” Acrobatic show
    22:30 till 23:30h Music with DJ. FLOWER POWER

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