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January 2016

    Almeria La-playa-de-los-Genoveses-en-el-Cabo-de-Gata-Almeria-protur-hotels

    Almeria is an extensive destination with thousands of places which should be visited even though as we all know, when we travel, time is at a premium and if you try to do too much you finish your holiday exhausted, therefore, we have chosen three essential places in Almeria, specifically in Cabo de Gata, where you can enjoy the most spectacular countryside of this zone without abandoning sun and beach.

    If you are staying at our 5 star hotel in Roquetas you have to visit these paradises which we will review for you now and where you will not be able to stop taking photographs.

    Playa de los Genoveses – one of the most beautiful sand reserves of the Almeria coast line and of all those which can be found in Cabo de Gata. The marvellous sea bathing the rocks and kissing the sand, make this one of the essential beaches to visit during your holidays. Access is easy, there are buses to take you straight there and it is only 2 km. from San Jose. However you should be aware that this is a windy beach, ideal for those who wish to enjoy the waves but you need to look after small children.

    Arrecife de Las Sirenas – one of the most impressive places of the whole of the Andalusian south coast is hidden in Cabo de Gata behind the great lighthouse. It is a small archipelago of little pointed islands that protrude from the water and where the waves break ruthlessly producing foam which reaches unthinkable heights. To arrive there from Roquetas you have to take the direction Parque Nacional Cabo de Gata and from there to the area of San Miguel or the beach of Los Genoveses which we mentioned before.

    Rodalquidar – Essential beach and emblematic touristic area because of the lookout of Amatista, from which you can observe the immense beauty of the park, the natural life, the contrasts and the mountains and valleys. A good place to programme a family excursion, away from routine and urban life, perfect so that the kids and run around freely, lie down in the sun and then swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.


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