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March 2018

    Присоединяйтесь к плану Detox Protur Hotels-Programme-Detox 

В этом году вы дали себе обещание заботиться о себе, доставлять себе удовольствия, которые заслуживаете. И Protur Hotels предлагает вам великолепный план, чтобы встретить весну в лучшей форме. -detox-protur-hotels-spa

    Join the Protur Hotels Detox Programme

    This year you have promised to look after yourself and dedicate some well-deserved time to yourself. For this reason, we, at Protur Hotels have the perfect plan to welcome spring like never before. This involves a special offer at a great price, adapted to every need. This is something you will find, and then be able to book, right here on our website under the name: Detox: Cleanse your body of toxins”.

    Doctors and nutritionists recommend we dedicate a few days to eliminating toxins from our mind and body every now and again. This means putting aside your routines and obligations and escape to a tranquil place where you can realign your thoughts and regain good habits that stress and routine take away. You can take advantage of a bank holiday to enjoy a long weekend but if you are looking for better results, then the best thing to do is go away for an entire week.

    A detox programme needs to be adapted to every guest but it is also important that you adjust your stay to the time you actually have. An entire week will not serve your purpose of relieving stress if you then go back home to a delayed pile of work to do as this will just make you feel stressed and overwhelmed all over again. At Protur Hotels we are well-aware of this and so we offer 3-day, 5-day and 7-day detox programmes, the latter of which is called our “Star programme”.

    Some of the most in-demand programmes are purifying, reducing and deluxe slimming. All of these include specific menus, some orientated around losing the weight we have put on during winter and others are vegan, with no type of animal product used in the recipes.

    Book the one that suits you best and get ready to enjoy yourself as our detox treatments are not hard to do, just the contrary with all the best therapies, treatments and qualified personnel at your disposal. The results are amazing. The team at Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa are professionals that study the needs of every guest to create a series of therapies and routines to follow over the course of your stay at our hotel.

    You can also choose to relax in the exclusive rooms equipped with 5-star services in the excellent and quiet area of Sa Coma, with one of the best spas in Majorca at your disposal. This is a unique place in which to relax and recover essential mind & body balance in an area covering 3.500 m2, created with your wellbeing, health and relaxation in mind.

    Feel like a kid again with Protur Hotels!

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