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    Touristen,  Fairs, TouristesПраздники туриста в Кала Мийор

    Tourist Fairs in Cala Millor

    Majorca is much more than sun and beach. Majorca is nature such as incredible landscapes that change with the Mediterranean sunsets. It is great food paired with the best selection of local wines and herbal liqueurs. It is towns full of charm, cobbled streets and white villages. Majorca is culture, traditions and festivals where you will enter a world full of crafts, legends and customs loved by anyone who attends any of its popular fairs. And one of the most famous fairs in Cala Millor is the famous Tourist Fair, an ideal opportunity to get to know the island’s cultural legacy.

    This celebration takes place in the middle of September, approximately from the 15th and it gives a good example of the Majorcan character. For a week, the beautiful town of Cala Millor is festooned with colour, cuisine and music in an impressive cultural combination that is held a few metres from our hotels in Cala Millor. The centre becomes the main attraction for everyone who would like to see the impressive medieval market where typical handicrafts, beads, Majorcan sausages and samples of all kinds of traditional crafts are exhibited.

    The spectacular parades feature adults and children who can’t wait to join the processions. And if you have decided to come to Majorca with children these celebrations have lots of children’s activities so that the little ones can have a great time. Workshops, games on the beach, storytelling, concerts for children. Everything for your children to have fun while you stroll through the lively main square and join in lovely competitions for adults, try some new sport, run away from the fearsome ‘Dimonis’ devils or relax taking a pleasant walk through the craft stalls whilst you savour a delicious local beer.

    Good food is a must in these festivals. And among all the performances and activities, you musn’t forget to try exquisite coca de trampó (vegetable topped bread, a little like pizza), tumbet (baked vegetables similar to ratatouille), a portion of frito mallorquin, Majorcan fried meat and vegetables, a panada (savoury pastry) and the famous ensaimada pastry, one of the island’s most special treats. A beautiful fireworks show brings to an end one of the most typical Majorcan celebrations which attracts even more people, especially in the final days.

    These festivities really highlight that Majorca is an ideal destination to visit at any time of the year. Come and enjoy a lovely holiday by the sea and immerse yourself in one of the most typical popular festivals that are the essence of Mallorca.

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