Cocina 5 estrellas by Protur Hotels

5 star cuisine by Protur

Haute cuisine in Spain has become more democratic in the last years, and more and more people decide to indulge and treat themselves to one of the 200 restaurants in the country with a Michelin Star. Gone are the days when it was considered to be only adequate for the rich and famous. Today, anyone who wants to can enjoy a top culinary experience, at a very reasonable price and with exquisite attention.

At Protur, we have embraced this idea and we want all our guests to experience the best gastronomy of the country, and to be able to do so in the easiest way possible. We provide restaurants with an exclusive design, carefully selected chefs and with tasting menus that invite you to savour the art of cooking.

One of our greatest stars is certainly the BOU restaurant, previously called Moli d’en Bou, with one of Majorca’s most iconic Michelin star restaurants since many years. Led by chef Tomeu Caldentey the first Majorcan chef to be awarded this international award, BOU restaurant takes each guest through a unique culinary journey from the most traditional flavours with innovative touches, and surprising proposals.

Now, anyone who wants to book a Michelin Star escapade at special prices and enjoy this unique proposal, can also stay in one Protur’s best hotels in Sa Coma: Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa and the Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa.

But, besides the gastronomic excellence of BOU, at Protur we offer the possibility to enjoy other 5 star culinary spaces in Majorca and Almeria, such as the restaurant Asian, restaurant Azafran, restaurant La Toscana, restaurant Son Floriana and the Terrace Grill.

Spoil yourself with the best of the best this holiday with Protur.

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