Recetas de Navidad con sabor mediterráneo

Christmas recipes with a Mediterranean flavour

Spending Christmas in the Mediterranean will grant you the opportunity to discover one of the most exquisite cuisines in the world. If you choose to stay at one of our hotels in Majorca, you will enjoy impeccable dishes and surprising flavours that come from the roots of the island.

Majorcan cuisine is based on agriculture and cattle (fish is not really present in winter menus in Majorca, although it might be a surprise) and this reflects on the most traditional Christmas tables. The classic ingredients that are always part of the celebrations are turkey and chicken, porcella or suckling pig, dried fruits and nuts, pasta and rice, vegetables and the almond cream for desserts.

A typical Mediterranean Christmas dinner will start with a soup. There are many types of soups, including filled soups, traditional sopas Mallorquinas or a delicious Queen’s soup, among others. Cold cuts are also places on the table, as a snack or “picada”. In some houses and restaurants in Majorca, cold cuts are made traditionally, using boneless poultry and local Mediterranean spices.

For the main courses of a Christmas Eve dinner in Majorca, the chef will always surprise you with some of Escaldums de Nadal, mainly made from turkey and suckling pig meats, sometimes mixed with different fruits or accompanied with an almond sauce. Typical Christmas desserts are varied and can range from nougat turrones to plums, raisins, custard, ensaimada, cuartos… All of this paired with local wines, a good wine from the D.O Pla I Llevant or from Binissalem.

A total delight, right? In order to try it, you only have to book with Protur Hotels this Christmas. Choose your gastronomic hotel in Majorca, check the deals for special Christmas menus at the restaurants of our hotels on the island, and taste the most authentic flavours of the Mediterranean.

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