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    Mum, dad… I want to go to a spa!

    Have you ever heard of a spa for children or a children’s spa? Well, at Protur Hotels we have been managing one of the largest children’s spas in Majorca for years, the Biomar Petit Spa, in Sa Coma, one of the largest centres, with the most charming natural spaces, on this island’s coast. This is a space where the little ones are the centre of everything and where the aim is for them to be able to relax and achieve mine & body balance.

    Children can also suffer from stress, just as much or even more so than adults due to them having little experience dealing with things: they don’t have the skills yet to understand or face certain situations. All kinds of emotional pressure (theirs and sometimes even yours) and tasks thrust upon them or having to do things for themselves can leave them tired and sad. Or even sick.

    To avoid this and to make sure this summer is one for the books for all the family, an added benefit, like a specific relaxing session for all children, could be ideal. At the Biomar Petit Spa, for example, we have one of the best teams for specialised therapy treatments for children, which primarily focus on: fighting anxiety, improving self-esteem, boosting children’s immune system and helping skin infections.


    However, the Biomar Petit Spa not only deals with caring, preventing or helping to cure infections, it’s also a place for children to enjoy themselves. The treatments are applied like a game, teaching children to take care of themselves, demonstrating the importance of health, good energy, an active lifestyle and how to manage their emotions.

    At the same time, there are beauty treatments for children: manicures and pedicures… Always using nail polish of the highest quality with fun summer colours to flaunt on the beach or in the pool zones.

    The only condition for using the spa is to comply with the age restrictions: children must be 4 and over (up to 12 years old) to enter the spa and must be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire treatment. If children are aged up to 16 years old, only certain treatments are available to them (appointments must be made in advance), the hydrothermal circuit is only available to guests over the age of 16.

    Spas for all the family with Protur Hotels.

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