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    The Festival of the Mahi-Mahi, the most delicious side to Majorca

    What are your plans for this October? There’s plenty to do in Majorca in the Autumn with lots of activities, cultural events, exhibitions and all types of festivals that offer visitors a glimpse into the island’s heart and soul. One of these festivals is the Fira de Sa Llampuga 2018 (Festival of the Mahi-Mahi fish) in the Cala Ratjada area. It is one of the most famous food festivals in Majorca that beautifully blends Mediterranean flavours with a wide range of drinks and entertainment in the village’s picturesque port, a few metres from our 5 star hotel in Cala Ratjada and 15 minutes from our Cala Bona hotels.

    The festival takes place every year falling on the weekend of the 12th to the 14th of October in 2018. Each year, more and more visitors ascend upon Cala Ratjada, eager to sample the delicious dishes and aperitifs prepared by the restaurants and stands, with the mahi-mahi fish leading the way. Various clever dishes have been put together to treat the taste buds of those who pass through the door, including paella, fried mahi-mahi, fideus secs amb llampuga (dried noodles with mahi-mahi) and llampuga amb prebes (mahi-mahi with peppers). The importance behind the mahi-mahi derives from it being a typical fish in Majorcan waters, its great taste and the fact it works perfectly in a range of dishes. It remains an ideal choice to enjoy during a romantic dinner at the port of Cala Ratjada or even during a family meal in the peak of summer.

    This event is also the perfect excuse to try some of the typical Majorcan desserts. These include the cardinal de Lloseta (a sponge cake stuffed with meringue), gató (a gateau) served with ice cream, coca de cuarto (a soft sponge cake made with eggs and flour), and not to forget the famous ensaimada, the frontrunner of typical Majorcan cuisine which usually comes filled with cream or sobrasada (a typical soft sausage from the island). During the festival you will also be able to sample some of the best wines, known as Vinos de la Tierra de Mallorca, and craft beers from the region whilst enjoying the Cuban concerts, shows and performances that year upon year spice up the event.

    Last but not least, why not relax with us? Our 5 star hotels, that boast an array of services to sweeten your stay on the island, are the perfect place to stay during the Fira de Sa Llampuga without having to travel far. What’s stopping you from experiencing this great festival and kick-starting the season here in Majorca?

    Have a flavourful stay with Protur Hotels.

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