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    Поездка-Gourmetabstecher-Escapada gourmet_ el auténtico sabor de Mallorca

    A Gourmet getaway: the true flavor of Mallorca

    Attention cooks: from Protur Hotels we come to tempt you with a delicious gourmet escape in the heart of Mallorca. Where everyday food meets with the most exotic products to be found on the furthest reaches of the planet. There, where our parents and our grandparents recipes join those of the most revolutionary and innovative chefs.

    To enjoy this experience, which is suitable for only the most adventurous palates, who always want to go a little further, in the Protur Hotels we have various choices in our hotel restaurants both ‘All Inclusive’ and a la carte … But, certainly, for an experienced gourmet, there is nothing better than staying directly in our cosy Son Floriana Residence in Cala Bona.

    Since this magnificent residence has only 8 rooms and it is a finca full of style and true rural spirit, you will find few places more suitable for tasting some of the most typical dishes from the Mallorcan recipe book: tumbet, brûrst, aubergines and others products grown in local fields, all combined with exquisite delicacies from the sea and the ‘kills’ which are traditional in these winter months.

    These traditional recipes, which sum up the true flavour of Mallorca, are prepared in the Son Floriana ovens in such a special way that the diners, even island residents, are surprised when they taste them: all the dishes bring something different, unique and really original that makes them absolutely exceptional.

    To try the best of this culinary venue, from Protur Hotels we recommend the gourmet offer that includes a hotel night at La Residencia and a tasting menu that includes the entree, a fish dish, a meat dish and a dessert. Everything, seems to be seasoned by the impressive environment that enables the kitchen to give the impression that you are eating in a traditional Mallorcan farm, one of the so-called homesteads ‘possessió’, with its porches, gardens, typical windows and its stones dried by the tides that give that unmistakable Mediterranean tone.

    Book now and make the best of your escape with Protur Hotels.

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