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    Back to work, goodbye to dearly loved sun beds, goodbye to afternoons of salt and sun. Hello routine. Hello with more care than ever. Do not decide to go on an eating binge. The best technique to escape post holiday depression is to take things as calmly as possible. Yes, you must make an effort. This and start to think of where to go for your next escapade even if it is only for 2 or 3 days. At Protur Hotels we would like to propose for you a wellness programme that will suit you perfectly. A weekend of beauty treatments so that the perfect suntan you bought with you from your holiday will last and look as if you have just left the beach even in October.

    For this it is vital to look after your skin. In general we take a lot of precautions before taking the sun but forget about after. This is what can take its toll. The skin should be continually well treated and from time to time, give it extra care. At our Biomar spa we have the magic solution: exfoliation and hydration treatments by the best professionals.

    Exfoliate the skin implies a profound cleaning and it is advisable to undertake this when these is no stress around us. For this reason take a few days for a short break at one of our hotels in Majorca or Roquetas de Mar and treat yourself before the crude winter weather arrives. In the Mediterranean you will still find the dose of sun you need to activate your Vitamin D and in our spas you will have everything at your fingertips for relaxation and beauty.

    The most usual exfoliations are corporal and facial but also after the summer, hands, feet and hair are very important as these areas suffer more than any other. With these treatments we can eliminate, or partly, the damage caused by the sun such as freckles or blemishes, profoundly clean the pores, avoiding the possibility of horrible acne due to epidermis stress and hydrating and regenerating the lavers of skin in an equilibrated way.

    Before starting a process of exfoliation at our hotels in Majorca and Almeria you can consult professionals who can recommend the most adequate technique for your type of skin (it is not the same to exfoliate a mixed or extra greasy skin rather than a sensitive or irritable skin). Likewise, it is convenient that if the sun damage after the summer is very visible, you should visit a dermatologist.

    Don’t think twice and come. We await your wellness break at Protur Hotels.

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