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    The arrival of October brings a fresh breeze to our terraces, with the wind moving the curtains of the bedrooms and the sun being hard to find some days. The sand and sun beds are missing the buzz of August. Yes, although we are here on the beach contemplating the sea, we still have the nostalgia and homesickness of summer. Although autumn is marvellous we are still missing something and that is you.

    The best way for us to demonstrate this to you is with this short article. This is our way of declaring our intentions to you, for those who, like you, always travel in summer because the rest of the year obligations and routine absorb their time and leave no time to escape. What we want to say with these words is to tell you that the end of summer is not a goodbye, it is just an “until very soon” and for that reason will you find on our web all the offers for the 2017 season, with reduced prices, specially dedicated to those who cannot wait any longer to programme their next trip.

    Consult now all the conditions and advantages of reserving in advance because rest assured we will make you very happy: you can reserve exclusive services, choose from the best rooms and from all our hotels before anybody else and select the best of the best at the most economical prices. Just by saying “yes I do” you can save up to 15% and in some cases even more.

    The best of the summer is not the sun or the Mediterranean beaches, or even the long sunsets with a cocktail in your hand… The best of summer is and always will be, you, who has decided to spend their free time with us. You and everybody else who have visited us for yet another year, giving us relaxed smiles and romantic evenings and your adventures with the children. Our guests, those who make everything possible and who season after season, allow us to dream and continue growing.

    To you, to all of you: Thank you for depositing your confidence in Protur Hotels!

    20 October, 2016 2 comments
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