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    The second edition of the ComaStockFestival at our Club Protur Sa Coma Resort has been a great success! All Protur Hotels guests enjoyed an entertaining afternoon/evening with all our Proty mascots!

    During the afternoon and evening of Friday August 12th, our guests ( the young and the not so young alike!!) had a great time, taking great pleasure in all the activities that had been arranged in Sa Coma, Mallorca.

    We were able to enjoy live bands, jugglers, contortionists, acrobats and of course, our traditional mini disco with all our Protur Hotels Protys!

    Our t-shirt workshops shirts, hair plaiting, “Hippie”crowns, bracelets, etc were all very popular. The pony rides were also a great hit with our visitors as well as the traditional bouncy castles!!

    The photocall left us with very many funny images, but one of the most thrilling moments of all was when everyone released balloons! All those present wrote a wish on a card attached to a balloon, and everyone let the balloons go in unison! That was a very special moment for everyone!

    Just like last year, we had a photo contest linked to the hashtag # ComaStockFestival on our social networks and the lucky winner of this second edition was : Sandy Van Der Lingen-van Tol! She is a guest at the Protur Safari Park Aparthotel (Sa Coma). She and her family can enjoy a complimentary visit to our water park “La Reserva” !! CONGRATULATIONS !!

    And now all that’s left for us to do is to give you a very special date!!!! The 3rd edition of our # ComaStockFestival will take place on August 11th 2017 . So if you’d like to take part in this special event, you can think about making your booking for next summer with that date in mind! Live the Protur Hotels Experience and enjoy all the advantages it offers you!!!

    Discover our special offers on our website: proturhotels.com

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