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Christmas with the flavour of Almeria

by Protur Hotels
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Christmas with the flavour of Almeria
The cuisine of Almeria is full of intense flavours and tradition. Its recipe book is an endless range of choices ranging from the creamiest soups to stews, which are more than anything the stars of the winter tables. If this Christmas you are one of those who want to surprise your dinner guests and bring them the memory of last summer on the coast of this wonderful Andalusian province, read on and take note because here you have a list of 4 of the best dishes in Almerian cuisine described by all of our Protur Hotels team under the leadership of the chefs of our luxury hotel in Roquetas de Mar: Protur Roquetas de Mar Hotel & Spa.

Marinera soup.- It is one of the great classics of winter cooking in Almeria. A creamy soup made from fish and seafood broth with a touch of mayonnaise. The fish that are usually used to give consistency to the soup are monkfish and prawns. It also has red pepper, peas and carrots.

Wheat pot – With some resemblance to stew, the wheat pot is one of the most important winter dishes in Almeria. A typical recipe that at Christmas can be seen at many local tables and that combines meat and vegetables: chickpeas, cabbage, wheat and rib, tail and ears of pork. It is important to choose pieces of meat that give flavour to the broth that makes up the stew and also to add some bones. It is definitely a main course.

Tabernero – If this Christmas you want to have a touch of Almeria, one of the simplest and tastiest dishes to include in your Christmas Eve menu is the ‘tavern keeper’ tabernero. It is a recipe very similar to ‘pisto de toda la vida’. It mainly consists of onion and tomato, a little pepper and spice (it is even better with cayenne pepper). It is ideal for a Christmas appetizer, with the mixture served from a casserole dish.

Papaviejos.- When one talks about culinary tradition in Almeria one can’t forget one of this land’s great recipes that has been preserved intact for centuries: ‘papaviejos’, original floured and fried potato fritters. They can be served at the Christmas table as an alternative to the typical croquettes and presented in a fun way in paper cones.

For Christmas to have the perfect Almeria touch, do not forget to put some olives and a few glasses of cortijero gazpacho as an aperitif. You will triumph.

Christmas, to suit your taste with Protur Hotels.

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