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Protur Hotels, rooms 100% free from single-use plastics.

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rooms 100% free of single use plastic

With the arrival of summer we want to let your hear our latest news. We have started this 2019 season with an even greener spirit. At Protur Hotels we are very aware that we have to take care and be respectful of the environment that surrounds us, especially if we can be found in a paradise like Majorca in which nature and beaches are one of our fundamental foundations.

In a world in which plastic has become our best partner in crime, and also our worst enemy, we have decided to go one step further and eliminate single-use plastics from our rooms. By doing so, we hope to significantly reduce the use of this material in all establishments.

This initiative will in no way affect the comfort and exclusive services offered by all our hotels, where you can enjoy a unique experience in a much more sustainable and respectful environment. Because for us, the best way to handle waste is by avoid producing it, so we have decided to proceed with the latest regional regulations of waste at a European level. 

This regulation stems from international concern due to the increase in plastics in oceans and ecosystems in recent years. Plastics not only pose as a risk to the environment, but also to our health, hence the incidences of microplastics both in nature and in the diet of some animals are increasing. Therefore, a new Waste Law has been approved that encourages a reduction in waste generated at a regional level by the prevention of single-use plastics that will have to be replaced by biodegradable materials by 2021. 

Look after the environment at Protur Hotels.

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