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Covid-19: safe holidays with Protur Hotels 

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There are things that never change: at Protur Hotels we are waiting for you with a smile like always. And now due to the Covid-19 crisis we want to share with you the safety and hygiene measures that we have taken to reinforce the protection of travelers like you. We want to ensure that when you travel to any of our hotels you not only have all the information about what you are going to find, but also the guarantee that your holiday will be safe and relaxing.

Our safety and hygiene protocols are an initiative based on the health and safety recommendations that the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Spanish Ministry of Health have provided in collaboration with Dr. Sebastián Crespí of the Biolinea company, a leader in Spain in food safety and risk prevention management.

What is the goal of these efforts? We want to ensure that you enjoy your holiday as always, with the guarantee that everything is safe and under control. For this reason we want you to know that our acting protocols provide the maximum security guarantees for you, and are carried out by a team of professionals who will take care of you and your loved ones.

What measures have been taken to guarantee everyone’s safety? The Protur Hotels Covid-19 plan includes various protocols of security, cleaning, disinfection, digitization, testing, and restoration, among others.

Protur Hotels works tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday without fear of Covid-19. The information we provide will also guarantee that you feel safe on your trip in the new reality.

In addition, we offer another novelty that will make your trip safer: travel insurance assistance. The Protur Hotels Group offers all its clients extra peace of mind for any medical reason and at no additional cost when having signed-up with the ARAG insurance company, which acts as a consultant and is mediated by ExelBroker Grupo Ferrer & Ojeda. Travel insurance assistance is available for all clients of the hotels and guarantees Healthcare Assistance coverage, among other things, in all possible incidents at a cost of up to €3,500 per policyholder.

Always travel with peace of mind at Protur Hotels. We are waiting for you!

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