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    PROTUR CHEF: Spain’s 1st national culinary class competition

    From everyone here at Protur Hotels, we would like to introduce to you, PROTUR CHEF, Spain’s first national culinary class contest which will take place from 16th-19th March at Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa in Sa Coma, Majorca.

    PROTUR CHEF is a very exciting event where you’ll find the best dishes made by some of the most promising names in culinary arts in Spain with an adults cooking competition, a children’s cooking contest, PROTUR CHEF KIDS, and other similar activities such as food stands, workshops, food-tasting stalls, food trucks, plus special guests including famous recipients of the Michelin Star award.

    If cooking is your passion then don’t miss out on PROTUR CHEF where you’ll be in with a chance of meeting the best future chefs in Spain with 20 participants competing in the show. At the contest, contenders must prepare a dish based on porc negre mallorquín (Majorcan black pig), using a combination of cuts like sirloin and ribs as well as a number of added ingredients. All in all, it is essential that we see each contestant’s original take on the dish.

    The PROTUR CHEF contest schedule is as follows:

    16/03/17: Drawing of schedules for the semifinals.

    17/03/17: First 8 contestant semifinal @16:00.

    18/03/17: Second 6 contestant semifinal @11:00.

    18/03/17: Third 6 contestant semifinal @16:00.

    19/03/17: 6 contestant Final @11:00, prize-giving ceremony and lunch at the hotel with the prize jury.

    Along with PROTUR CHEF, there will be a kids cook-off called PROTUR CHEF KIDS, where 18 aspiring chefs aged between 8 and 12 years old will compete. Competitors have until 20th March to sign up.


    The kids contests take place an hour before the adults ones:

    16/03/17: Drawing of schedules.

    18/03/17: First 9 contestant semifinal @10:00.

    18/03/17: Second 9 contestant semifinal @15:00.

    19/03/17: 6 contestant Final @10:00.

    PROTOR CHEF will welcome an excellent judge’s panel boasting the biggest names in culinary arts like Tomeu Caldentey, Hermanos Torres (Javier y Sergio), Fran López, Marc Fosh and Toni Tugores (food critic). They will be faced with the difficult task of judging each dish and choosing, at every stage, the competitors’ best creations.


    Koldo Royo will also be in attendance and will be in charge of the competition. In addition to both PROTUR CHEF and PROTOR CHEF KIDS competitions, the day will be packed with a variety of different activities where guests can try lots of dishes with programmes such as workshops and food-tasting stalls.

    Attendees can participate in a number of different workshops with enough places for a maximum of 20 people over the age of 18 at Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa on 18th March. (Reserve your place by calling 971 812 010).


    Ensaïmades casolanes” workshop, @10:00, approx. duration: 1 hour. Taught by Bel and Magdalena Soler at La Toscana Restaurant. (Price: €10)

    Herbes mallorquines casolanes”, @12:00, approx. duration: 1 hour. Taught by Licores Moyà at Azafrán Restaurant. (Price: €10)

    Bread-making workshop, @15:00, approx. duration: 1 hour. Taught by Licores Moyà at La Toscana Restaurant. (Price: €10)

    Sushi workshop, @16:00, approx. duration: 3 hours. Taught by Oscar Molinos Arias at Restaurant Asian. (Price: €25)

    Cocktail-making workshop, @19:00, approx. duration: 1 hour. Taught by Licores Moyà at Azafrán Restaurant. (Price: €25)

    Children’s workshop (free) from 6 years old; children aged between 4-5 years old must be accompanied by an adult. At Bar Salón.

    Children’s Pop Cakes workshop, @11:00-13:00.

    Children’s pizza decoration workshop, @16:00-17:00.

    In addition, there will be a carefully selected number of stands with representatives from different companies offering a variety of products, open all day Saturday from 10:00-20:00, (free entrance) and on Sunday from 10:00-13:00. The stands available are: Cerveza Estrella Damm, Codorniu, Licores Moyà, Vinos Ferrer, Quesos TGT, Sobrasada and cold cuts Can Company with Spanish ham carver and cold cuts, Nespresso, Flor de sal, Quely, Coca Cola, Ses Bassones Sant Llorenç and culinary art expositions.

    PROTUR CHEF also offers a delicious new addition: at midday on Saturday, a number of the following food trucks will be available for you to try different dishes: El perrito callejero (Koldo Royo), La Pick-Up Pepito de Porc Negre, Taleca caravana, Variat Mallorca, Toni’s Food Truck, and many more.

    Accept our challenge at PROTUR CHEF and experience a fantastic culinary experience from 16th-19th March at Protur Biomar Grand Hotel & Spa in Sa Coma. Enjoy Spain’s first national culinary class competition with Protur Hotels.

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