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5 June World Environment Day #WithNature

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5 June World Environment Day -One Day with Nature

5 June World Environment Day “One Day with Nature” 

On 5 June, go outside and show us that you’re #WithNature. Breathe in the beauty and remember that by keeping our planet healthy, we keep ourselves healthy too. Visit the protected natural areas in the islands and/or the natural beaches, and enjoy the nature with us!

Share a photo or video of one favourite place in nature using #WorldEnvironmentDay or #WithNature and tell us why it’s special to you. The best images will be featured in the run-up to World Environment Day on 5 June and put them on display at United Nations headquarters around the world.
Join the movement and help protect the natural systems that sustain us all.

For more information of natural spaces in Balearic Islands visit:
xarxanatura.es o balearsnatura.com

5 de Junio día mundial del Medio Ambiente ESTOY CON LA NATURALEZA

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