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Because you come first , Body & mind

by Protur Hotels
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Body & mind-Körper-cuerpo-y-mente-porque-lo-primero-eres-tu

Because you come first , Body & mind


Trust us, we understand. We understand how hard you are working, day after day. We understand that sometimes you need a break, time to relax. You need to be taken care of and for once not have to worry about a thing. You need to relieve some stress and forget about your responsibilities. You need time to hurry up so you can finally have that which you have been waiting so long for. Do you know what you need? A getaway made just for you…


Stress can can cause harmful effects on our body if it is not treated properly. The key to good mental and physical health is being able to breathe from time to time and try as much as possible not to feel weighed down by everything. That is where we come in: it is time for you to take some time off for yourself. With this in mind, take a look at the exclusive offer of our Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa. It is time for you to enjoy some well-deserved rest.

The Body and Mind programme offers special therapies and treatments centred around improved flexibility, balance and stress, with the goal to recover mind and body harmony and feel completely rejuvenated during your stay. To lead a better lifestyle you first have to feel good within yourself. We want to help you recover the peace and quiet you need in order to go back to your normal routine with lots of energy.


Our special offer is an invitation to relax in the exclusive rooms of the Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa, check in and check out whenever you want and enjoy a wide variety of therapies centred around your wellbeing. Imagine a gym, activities like yoga, pilates, hydrotherapy and a vast array of treatments in the Biomar Spa Medical made just for you, so you can relax whilst enjoying all of our services.

In addition, we also offer a new Mindfulness treatment initiated by our Psychologist, Natalia Bauzà. This will help you live in the present through oriental techniques based on Vipassana meditation, originating from India. Mindfulness is about staying in the present. This means being aware of what you are doing at all times, trying your best to concentrate on the present. This technique helps to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia. It also helps to improve concentration, creativity and your relationships with others.

Come and take care of yourself with us and enjoy our exclusive wellness treatments. We want you to recover that vibrant energy you have. Start summer off well and treat yourself to a 4-night getaway to Majorca with our special Body and Mind offer.

Take care of yourself with Protur Hotels

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