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Celebrate this Halloween in Majorca

by Protur Hotels
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Celebrate this Halloween in Majorca

Ran out of excuses to escape your routines this Autumn? Well here you have one: come and celebrate Halloween with us in Majorca. Book your stay for the end of October and join in the huge party we have planned for this night of magic, mystery and a touch of terror, with lots of laughter.

The symbolic Night of the Witches, Night of the Dead, Samhain or All Saints Eve have become popular all over the world due to Halloween, a name specifically derived from All Hallows Eve. The origin seems to stem from combining the Christian tradition of honouring loved ones that have passed away with the Celtic custom of celebrating the end of summer.

The result of this strange mix is no better than a celebration full of strange beings. Taking the form of a carnaval, those invited must dress up as vampires, ghosts, zombies and frightening characters, searching the streets for sweets and entertainment. This different, entertaining and comical way of viewing this inevitable stage of life has made Halloween a must-attend event wherever you are, especially if you have children.

At Protur Hotels, we want you to take advantage of this unmissable event to enjoy 4-5 days in the current excellent climate of Majorca. Peace & quiet, deserted beaches just for you to enjoy and the impressive Tramuntana Mountain Range, as well as plans and surprises for you and your loved ones, are all waiting for you at our hotels in Majorca to say bye to the summer and honour your loved ones who are longer with us…

To make this easier for you, we now have an exclusive Autumn special offer for members of our Protur Club. Now you can receive 15% off the normal price of your hotel booking (minimum 4 nights).

Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa

Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

Protur Palmeras Playa Aparthotel

Protur Vista Badía Aparthotel

Protur Safari Park Aparthotel

Protur Bonamar Hotel

Protur Turó Pins Aparthotel

Residencia Restaurant Son Floriana

Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel

If you are not yet a member of our Protur Club, sign up now and say farewell to the summer like you deserve. Keep in mind that this offer is only valid on bookings made on our official website and for minimum stays of 4 nights until 31st October.

We will see you in Majorca!

Your Halloween party… with Protor Hotels!

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