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Celiac disease is a nutritional disorder that occurs when a person is allergic to gluten, an element that is present in almost all daily diets throughout the world and with special presence in the Mediterranean: pastas, bread, desserts…

The most recent studies indicate that about 1% of the world population suffer with this food problem and the number is steadily increasing. Diet care is paramount for all celiac patients, something that is complicated especially when travelling and one cannot prepare food with suitable ingredients. For this reason at Protur Hotels we have chosen to create healthy hotels with suitably adapted gastronomy for all necessities: menus for celiacs, vegetarian dishes, slimming diets, vegan proposals, and purifying menus.

At most of the restaurants in our hotels in Majorca and Almeria you will find special alternatives to enable you to continue with your diet during the holidays without renouncing flavour and enjoyment while dining and, of course, the odd delicacy with which to conquer the palate.

When you book one of our hotels for your next short break, check all the gastronomic information available on the official web site of Protur Hotels, and should you have any additional questions, contact directly with the hotel in Majorca or Almeria: we will be delighted to assist you and solve any query you may have.

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