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Winter plans in Majorca

by Protur Hotels
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Winter plans in Majorca

The best way to escape the winter blues is to start planning your holiday for the coming year. At our hotels in Majorca we have compiled a series of plans, excursions and tours that you cannot afford to miss out on if you decide to travel to the island in February and March 2018. Pay attention because we are sure you are going to fall in love with winter in Majorca.

Tapas at the markets

This age-old Spanish custom has begun gaining popularity once again in Majorca and now it’s considered a rare day when you cannot walk into a city market and see bars serving typical tapas of the island. The busiest vermouth bars are in Palma, in Mercat del Olivar and the one in Santa Catalina, open on Saturdays from 12pm. If you wish to enjoy a vermouth any day of the week or have a beer in the evenings then visit the Gastronomic Markets: S’Escorxador (Mercado de San Juan) and that on the marina (Mercat 1930).

Excursions to the Tramuntana Mountain Range

One of the greatest natural wonders in the Mediterranean, this recently declared World Heritage Site is worth at least one or two visits at minimum. The Tramuntana Mountain Range is the perfect place for hiking enthusiasts and for those who simply want to discover the pretty areas and villages on the island. It is within this mountain range where you will find places of undeniable beauty and history, for example: Valldemossa, Deia and Banyalbufar. La Pedra en Sec is one of the best trails as it brings you through some of the most impressive zones of the mountain range.

Art tour

Majorca is one of the most preferred places for all kinds of artists who come from all over the world to create. Many have workshops on the island, many are big names who once had these which, nowadays, can be visited like that of the grand master Miró. This creative spirit fills up hundreds of galleries found within the villages of Majorca and not just the capital. In fact, away from Palma, which has the most concentrated amount of important museums on the island, lies Andratx and Artà: two important pillars of art and creativity in Majorca. In both places you’ll discover landscapes that seem to appear right out of a dream.

Spa & golf

The Mediterranean Sea is still very cold in February and March. It is often rainy, beaches are deserted and those who visit do not come for the sun. Given this, a different way to enjoy Majorca is by playing golf and relaxing in a spa. In fact, at Protur we are launching special offers for these months so that your first trip of the year is a combination of relaxation and outdoor activities. This, of course, should not come between you enjoying the other attractive parts of the island.

Enjoy winter in Majorca with Protur Hotels.


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