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Protur Hotels, a life without plastic

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bolsa plástico en mar

Because it is necessary. Because it is a problem that affects us all. Because taking care of the planet is our responsibility, we have decided to join the challenge of living without plastic. Because we believe that a greener future is possible.

At Protur Hotels we are very aware that we need to care for the environment. We are aware of the immense amount of plastic that is found in our seas and oceans. This material, despite having been our ally for years, is not biodegradable, instead it breaksdown into smaller particles without changing its composition. The dreaded microplastics are a reality that is already affecting much of the marine fauna and birds that feed on the components of the sea.

The abusive use of plastic has plunged us into a downward spiral of pollution and dependence that we must move away from and here at Protur Hotels we are doing just that. Throughout the year we have stopped consuming 56.29 tons of plastic. How have we done it? We have begun to get rid of this material and aim to eliminate its use completely in 2020. For this we have adopted the dynamics of the circular economy, a way of working in which everything is used through a regenerative process and so no waste is generated.

This season we have eliminated single-use plastics from our hotel rooms and replaced them with alternative materials so that our guests are as comfortable as ever in a greener environment. The results we have seen from this change have already been excellent! We have managed to save 1,007 tons of plastic by changing the plastic bottles of gel and shampoo for dispensers. We have also avoided the production of 52.88 tons of plastic waste by eliminating plastic cups and bottles. Our next goal? To be a 100% plastic-free hotel chain in 2020.

Join this green initiative with Protur Hotels

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